Air Suspension Repair

Ford, Lincoln and Mercury vehicles have been using a factory air suspension system on certain models since 1984. Unlike other manufacturers this is not an assist system but actually holds the full weight of the vehicle. So when a failure occurs it generally needs immidiate attention. When an air bag or air strut has a failure it is usually caused by wet rot, due to old age, or moisture within the air system that damages it from the inside. Air ride suspension parts may fail because rubber dries out. Punctures to the air bag may be caused from debris on the road. Improper installation may cause the air bags to rub against the vehicle’s frame or other surrounding parts, damaging it. We have parts in stock for most applications which could range from installing relays to offering a permanent solution to your air suspension problems,

Our technicians at Motion Automotive specialize in air suspension and usually can offer more than one option for a correct repair. We can help make your vehicles suspension feel like new. Please contact us for more information. 803-649-0090